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Gladiator: Where are they now? A look at the varied fortunes of the 2000 blockbuster's cast as fans gear up for hotly-anticipated Ridley Scott sequel

Gladiator was an instant success when it first hit cinema screens in 2000,earning close to half a billion dollars at the box office.

The flick won five Oscars from its 11 nominations,including Best Picture and Best Actor for Russell Crowe's portrayal of gladiator Maximus.

Since then,fans of the gory historical epic,starring Russell,60,and Joaquin Phoenix,49,have been eagerly waiting for a follow-up installment to the beloved film - and now it's finally happening.

Gladiator II,which will be released in November,was directed and coproduced by Ridley Scott,who also directed the original film. 

So,after the first trailer for the highly-anticipated sequel dropped and movie buffs finally got a first look at Paul Mescal,28,and Pedro Pascal,in the Colosseum,MailOnline looks back at the cast of the original Gladiator and where they are now...

1. Russell Crowe (Maximus Decimus Meridius)

British actor Derek Jacobi played the role of Senator Gracchus in the 2000 epic (Pictured left in the film and right in 2023)

British actor Derek Jacobi played the role of Senator Gracchus in the 2000 epic - his character plotted with Maximus and Lucilla to overthrow Commodus in the first movie.

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Gladiator II FIRST LOOK: Paul Mescal's Lucius vows to follow Maximus out of the slave pits

And fans are delighted that the 85-year-old actor is making a return to reprise his role in Gladiator II. 

Before appearing in the original flick,the actor had already racked up a host of other films under his belt,including Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet (1996),Dead Again (1991),and Henry V (1989). 

Throughout his career,the star as won a slew of accolades for his work on screen and stage,including a BAFTA Award and two Olivier Awards.

After his role in Gladiator,the actor appeared in the likes of Gosford Park (2001),Nanny McPhee (2005),The King's Speech (2010) and Murder On The Orient Expresss (2017). 

Derek has also held roles in TV shows such as Doctor Who,The Crown,and Good Omens. 


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