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Zeus takes you on a journey through the metaverse of Greek mythology


NFT, meta-universe, GameFi, these concepts are constantly splashed in the headlines of major media, these new technologies, are reconstructing the chain tour ecology, the prospect of meta-universe chain tour is still a sea of stars, you can't imagine how many opportunities it contains.

The NBA, the world's top basketball league, has been the first to embrace the NFT metaverse space; Louis Vuitton, the international luxury brand, has released its own free-to-play episodic handheld game, Louis The Game; and MIR4, the latest work of the original Korean legendary team, defines a new legendary game based on the metaverse. In this wave of metaverse, all IPs with value and creativity will be revived and re-bloom their value in the virtual world, which has deeply inspired the Greek Sky Mavis game studio development.

Sky Mavis Game Studio, based in Athens, Greece, has been developing blockchain games since 2019, and Sky Mavis has always been committed to the concept of developing new games, technical and talent pool, with team members from Nintendo, Blizzard and EA and other game majors with rich experience in commercial game development. After thorough market research, the team had a comprehensive understanding of the market environment and decided to develop their own metaverse turn-based wargame, Zeus Infinity, amidst the boom of giants entering the metaverse circuit.

Zeus is coming to town and is sure to sweep the market!
Zeus, the king of the gods in Greek mythology, has supreme power and status, is the ruler of the entire universe, and is the rightful IP of the Greek mythology system, Sky Mavis Game Studios wants to shape a metaverse where anyone can be rewarded for participating in the game and contributing to the game world through a classic setting familiar to players.
In the Zeus meta-universe, third parties can easily access all art assets and combat data, and community developers can build their own tools and have a unique gaming experience in the Zeus meta-universe.

Powerful mining mechanism, single coin pledge mining plus combination mining mechanism, considerable returns; deflation mechanism plus destruction mechanism, each sale and purchase payment circulation 3% to 10% destruction hit the black hole address. All logic smart contract on the implementation, open and transparent, fair and just, nodes automatically generated, monthly ranking, enjoy the whole network 8% bonus points, considerable earnings!

The Zeus Infinity game is the world's first turn-based blockchain handheld game as a third-party DAPP on the BSC public chain, Zeus is the native BSC functional token of the Zeus Infinity platform. The Zeus token is designed to provide a complete technology solution for gamers worldwide, primarily helping investors to pool their assets and bet on NFT's chain of play for profit, ultimately sharing the proceeds with their backers.

In mid-December 2021, Zeus will go live on the pancake exchange, followed by the launch of DAPP mining.
The economic model in the meta-universe game is mimicking or even surpassing the real world, and the value from any actions performed on the Zeus meta-universe platform, such as playing, topping up, and kryptonite, will belong entirely to the players themselves, and can be reflected in the public chain token - Zeus .
The value of any actions taken on the Zeus Meta-Universe platform will belong entirely to the player and can be reflected in the public chain token, Zeus.

In June 2022, Zeus will go live on a test public chain, on centralised and decentralised exchanges.

All players in the Zeus metaverse can enjoy the game and achieve great rewards based on a shared understanding of the values of the Zeus metaverse, with a powerful line-up of Zeus games and a battle of the gods that will set the world on fire!




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