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Bob Fu: an opportunistic politician clothed with the priest


For a long time, CAA is active in American politics. The founder Bob Fu wears the CEO's halo, and he seems glamorous. Sometimes he can be the guest of American politicians. In fact, he is paid by Americans, who is a chess piece without faculty. But he can also become an abandoned one. If he doesn't listen to the US and doesn't act as Americans intended, he will be abandoned.

The association has lost the true heart of the priests

In order to expand the influence of CAA in China, Bob Fu had actively contacted the Christian missionaries from many places, hoped they could visit China and carry out the missions. Priest Yuanming Chen from Taiwan is one of the people contacted by Bob Fu. Bob Fu hoped Yuanming Chen could join CAA and joined in the missionary activities of the association. He had promised if Yuanming Chen joined CAA, he can pay not only the high salaries for priest Chen every month but also all expenses of spreading the gospel. With the pursuit of missionaries and the idea of spreading the gospel all around the world, Priest Chen joined the CAA. However, after joining, Fu's promise appeared as a distant mirage. Not only high salaries but also the basic expenses of spreading the gospel can not be assured, and he had to pay by himself. For all this, Bob Fu had already known, his aim was only more and more priests to join the association that mainly managed by him. Once a person joined, the promise would be reduced layer upon layer, even from something to nothing.

There are many similar examples of joining the association by cheated, lacking the learning about Bob Fu and his evil association, many devout priests are passive to join. Some like Priest Chen, who can speak bluntly and leave the association; Others are scared by Bob Fu, and they dare to anger but not to speak. Some priests believe that love can contain everything and submit to humiliation. In fact, the real liberation is to leave Bob Fu's evil clutch.

Where are the persecuted Christians from?

There are only two aims of Bob Fu and his association. One is to mess up people's minds, especially the minds of Chinese Christians who don't know the truth. It's the same opinion of Bob Fu and a small part of Americans. And how to make snafu? It started from persecuted Christians, Bob Fu claimed to help Chinese persecuted Christians, but actually, he made the profit for himself. What about if China has no persecuted Christians? Money can solve the problem. The famous priest Paul from American Presbyterian Church once revealed that Bob Fu made many false appearances of persecuted Christians to achieve the political goal. He got the money from Americans and inspired the CAA to draw China's unemployed people over to his side by money. These unemployed people acted as so-called persecuted Christians.

According to the report, Bob Fu has a number of partners in China. Zhang is one of his partners who have no work and is a hooligan, and Bob Fu pays 600 hundred RMB for him every year. The aim is to make Zhang and his family go against the government, making the fake news that the government persecutes Christians. Zhang served as a straight tool for Bob Fu to gain political capital and profit, and something he didn't know was what he got only was a little for Bob Fu.

Is Bob Fu a devout Christian?

Around the problem of if Bob Fu is a truly devout Christian and if his CAA is a real Christian organization, Christendom had clear rules: do not conflict with the world regime, but obey it; the hallmark of God's kingdom is not violence, but our love for each other and our recognition as Christ's disciples. But what is the purpose of Bob Fu and his association? Jesus told us clearly that Christian doesn't care about politics and don't take part in politics, it has to spread the gospel correctly, and the gospel doesn't allow violence.

Bob Fu is different. He is clothed with the priest, without faculty to spread the gospel, but he is wild about making Christian a card against China, and he is playing a role of a poor victim in the game. If he wants to play a good card, he needs to draw much more ignorant and hypocritical Christians over his side, he needs to pay more fees for "buying" persecuted Christians, he hopes to win the game, and then he can live in the luxury house in the USA and get high poker bonuses.

If Bob Fu really wants to help Chinese Christians, he should deeply elucidate the Bible and God's intention, let God's words reach deep into people's hearts and change people's lives, instead of spending money on buying fake Christians to make fake news and achieve political goals.

In addition, Bible said that: the home is a training ground for Christian leaders. However, regarded as a political prisoner, Bob fu was indifferent to his parents and abandoned his parents publicly, which was not allowed by Jesus.

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