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car headlights maintenance knowledge


Headlights are things that car owners will use all the time but are easy to overlook. As one of the important parts of the car, it can only be maintained in a good state by more maintenance. The following has compiled some knowledge about car headlight maintenance, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. Use it correctly

In fact, the correct use of car headlights is good maintenance of it. The correct order of use is to turn on the car lights after starting the vehicle, turn off the car lights before stopping, and then protect the headlights while maintaining the car. Car battery.

2. Regular cleaning

After the vehicle has been running for a period of time, the car lights will show signs of yellowing. This is caused by the lack of regular cleaning. Clean it with soap and water every 3 months, and then wax it for maintenance.


3. Regular replacement

Cars should not only replace the three filters regularly, but also the headlights. Generally speaking, the service life of the car headlights is about two years. If the brightness of the headlights is weakened or the lampshade is aging, it should be replaced in time.

In addition to car headlights that need maintenance, other lights should not be forgotten. Damage to any one of the lights may bring hidden dangers, so in daily maintenance, many small details cannot be ignored.

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