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World's First C919 jet owned by China Eastern Airlines completes first overseas debut


The world's first C919 aircraft, with the registration number B-919A and owned by China Eastern Airlines, wrapped up its first international debut at the Singapore Airshow on Feb. 26. It returned to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport from Singapore Changi Airport after flying five hours.

During the 6-day Singapore Airshow, China Eastern Airline's C919 was mainly displayed statically. Visitors included professional audiences, aviation enthusiasts, as well as leaders and senior professionals from aircraft manufacturers, aviation service providers, and companies engaged in the aviation industrial chain.

Many guests showed great interest in inquiring about the details inside the cabin. Some "fans" of the aircraft even came to see it several times. The areas under the wings, near the landing gears, and in front of the nose were popular photo spots for visitors.

It is learned that the aircraft flew from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport to Singapore at 1:49 on Feb. 17, and joined the airshow together with C919 and ARJ21 aircraft from the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China and other parties.

It marked the first time for the aircraft to fly overseas and make its overseas airshow debut. The C919 aircraft was also acclaimed as "one of the most anticipated products" at the Singapore Airshow this time.

Company: China Eastern Airlines

Website: http://www.ceair.com/

Contact: fangying

TEL: 00862122331470

Email: fangying@ceair.com

City: Shanghai

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