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Upper And Lower Bed


Bunk bed, also known as bunk bed, square tube iron bed, is to make full use of the space, in the smallest range of the structure of the most use value, at the same time there are a variety of different styles for you to choose combination, simple and practical, reasonable and unified style, for you to create orderly, happy and harmonious accommodation atmosphere, so that the room becomes more spacious and comfortable. More help to improve the quality of life, so that everyone who uses it in the complicated and tense pace of work, get a full rest, feel relaxed.
Scope of application:
Bedding is suitable for youth apartment, e-sports hotel, school dormitory, military barracks and other scenes. Easy to use, can effectively save space, cost-effective, bolt connection, safe and reliable, high stability.
Disassembly type combination mode:
Column 50*R9 square tube, bed hall 50*25 moments, bed tie rod 25*25 square, bed change 27*27 (self-locking convex hull), bed hall and column using self-tapping screw connection, bed hall guardrail 20*20 square, head guardrail horizontal support 19 round tube, vertical support 16 round tube, ladder steel frame 25*25 square, Pedal 300*65*12 high quality cold rolled steel plate one stamping, bed plate using three pieces of splicing forming.

1. Strong and durable, no deformation
The bed frame of the apartment is made of high quality tensile cold steel strip rolling, which is durable, strong bearing capacity and not easy to deformation. It is easy to clean the steel pipe inside and outside the high-temperature double-sided spraying after a long time, and there is no rust inside and outside the bed.
2. Strong and durable, and easy to clean no paint no aldehyde
More environmentally friendly bed board is made of a natural log, hard texture, no paint no formaldehyde, environmental protection and tasteless; Install fast noiseless card interface, no screws, installation only 3 minutes!
3. More firm no shaking, no noise.
4. Beautiful appearance, better design with humanity.
Pay attention to non-slip stairs, high guardrail and other details, products fashion and beautiful, practical more safe use, do not hurt ingenuity.
5. Fine workmanship, product surface no corners, no burr, fracture flat, the use of safer R & D design ability professional design personalized products customized professional design team to provide one-stop apartment bed overall solution according to the use of different scenarios, tailored to different styles, color specifications of apartment bed products.

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