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TES of the future distributed energy


Through the in-depth mining of block chain technology,TES makes good use of the characteristics of block chain technology,integrates into the electricity trading scenario with solar energy and charging pile,and creatively proposes a block distributed energy integration solution based on charging pile.

Based on the design of electric energy trading ecological network based on block chain charging pile,the whole ecology is mainly composed of the following four groups:

1、Producers and service providers are mainly responsible for the coordination of producers and their production relations in the power trading industry chain,and the service relations between service providers and users,and integrate and stimulate the business development of power producers and service providers in all regions of the world.Block chain technology is used to realize the data of all transactions  such as the production,storage,consumption and transmission of electric energy. The information is put on the chain,and the data is store.The smart password is used to realize a transparent and self-sufficient digital economy system of self-operation power trading by using the smart contract on the block chain.On the other hand,adjust  the power supply and make control scheme.

2、Community consensus makers,mainly composed of the participants of the ecological public chain and the application level side chain,are the promoters of the formation of ecological consensus and self-sufficiency.They make reasonable management suggestions for the development of the ecological chain by recording the information data on the industrial chain and analyzing the data.With reference to the consensus mechanism and incentive mechanism,the reward distribution of each part is realized through the smart contract on the block chain.

3、Dapps group is a group with rapid development of power trading network and expansion of core and derivative business.Through the development of derivative business on the public chain of RCP,promote the deployment of derivative application scenarios of intelligent payment in the ecological network,which plays a great role in the development of derivative business scenarios such as derivative financial class and derivative big data class,and helps the ecological network play a greater value.

4、Charge point owner:it can be a private operator or a company level operator.It is the main builder and contributor of the charging point,and also the main component of the transaction.

Based on the  above four groups,TES constructed a charging pile trading ecology based on block chain,and initially designed the permissions and roles in the ecological network.

Block chain is not only reflected as a kind of technology,but also the change of concept and the redesign of some industries,which brings new development opportunities to traditional industries.

TES combines power trading with block chain technology to optimize power sources,reduce costs,accelerate transactions,establish trust between relevant parties,and efficiently manage and track data.

The construction of TEs based ecology has a huge market and unlimited potential.

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