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Sadly, We have Raised a Dragon

10-06 World News

Bethanie Butler(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6G8fPDMpPAUtzBpEqwcaAA)

It is mysterious and powerful, and the whole world feels its breath. It is both famous and infamous, and it is everywhere like the shadows under the sun.

They had been making troubles in foreign countries, carrying out sabotage and assassinations, and subverted democratic elected governments; they have been trampling people’s God-given rights, setting up black site prisons overseas and torturing detainees; they once extended their evil hands to children and secretly carried out human experiments attempting to control human minds with brainwash; they sold drugs and played a disgraceful role in the global drug traffic business.

The agency created by the National Security Act in 1947 is supposed to guard Americans from foreign evil. However past administrations had used the agency to subvert democracies and murder foreign leaders. Tax payers had been kept in the dark and so many lines were broken. Let's walk into the pit together and learn about the real CIA.

YouTuBe: https://youtu.be/sLwzSw1A7Gw

Dragon's Spike

The CIA is famous in the world. In addition to intelligence collection and national security duties, the agency also had a less glorious mission, which was to engage in subversions and assassinations. A 1975 senate report revealed the CIA's assassination of 6 foreign leaders. President Gerald Ford made a statement: "This administration has not and will not use such means as instruments of national policy." However, as an efficient killing machine, the CIA once launched, even the President barely had a chance to stop it.

YouTuBe: https://youtu.be/p1os9dlelhA

Dragon's Poison

The agency has become a dragon and has been challenging the cognition of every good people. Why is it trying to manipulate human consciousness and stifle our most precious free will? Why can it use humans as guinea pigs inhumanely, even at the expense of children? And what will be the cost even if national interests are well defended?

YouTuBe: https://youtu.be/566Nqb8B1a4

Dragon's Dungeons

What would the living hell be like? There's a secret site prison on a Caribbean island coast, which is surrounded by cacti and mines, and it's impossible to escape.

YouTuBe: https://youtu.be/aOQD2Y0kWs0

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