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Red Light Positioning Light


Infrared positioning lamp is a convenient and practical marking device. It can be widely used as a standard part in all kinds of industrial processing machinery. It can play the role of marking and positioning, increase the convenience of using equipment, improve the working efficiency of equipment and reduce the waste of materials. Such as: Textile printing and dyeing laser alignment, clothing laser positioning, clothing button point light source positioning, bag opening machine positioning, cloth cutting machine cutting auxiliary marking, clothing hem laser marking positioning, clothing industry fabric cutting, matching grid and matching line placement, Marking, garment processing, shoe machine positioning, stone cutting machine, stone bridge cutting machine, sheet metal shearing and pressing machinery, sports equipment processing, glass processing machinery, electronic SMT positioning, printed circuit board marking positioning, printing press marking positioning and building decoration, tire forming machine, woodworking machinery (single blade sawing machine, multi-blade sawing machine, four-side saw, push table saw, multi-blade saw, Metal cutting machine, metal sawing machine and other sawing machine marking position.

Features: The installation machine of the red light positioning lamp (laser marking device) is simple and convenient to use. It can be installed on the vertical or horizontal surface of the machine, providing a visible laser marking line, so that there is a visible, non-contact positioning line to guide the operation process in the whole production process. It has the advantages of convenient production operation and improving production efficiency. The laser line can be fine-tuned in three dimensional space, which has achieved the use effect.
Technical index
Spot shape: one word light source cross light source point light source
Output wavelength: 635nm 650nm
Core power: 5mw
Gauge: Φ16×80mm 12x40mm can be customized according to customer requirements
Installation height: ≤15cm
Spot size: ≤0.5mm
Service life: more than 8000 hours of continuous use
Optical lens: optical coated glass lens G3 Operating voltage: DC 5V

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