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PPP Blockchain A new ecosystem of decentralized private social is on the rise

01-24 CoinDO

1.The awakening from centralization to decentralization

The Internet had entered the human world 18,000 days ago.

As people bask in the economic boom of the Internet age, an epic surveillance campaign has spread across the globe.

Our civilisation has come to a crossroads as the “surveillance tsunami” engulfing our private spaces.

As George Orwell and Aldous Huxley had warned, liberal democracy had been replaced by authoritarianism, and civil liberties are being curtailed.

“The weak desire privacy, the strong pursuit of transparency”, privacy is becoming the most scarce resource in this era.

The people who see the truth had woken up, and the decentralized digital revolution that protects personal data privacy and social privacy is on the rise!

Technology begins with human nature, and human nature determines the final appearance of technology. The centralized layout of politics, finance, and media has led to the imbalance of our world.

In a centralized world, we’ve seen online databases expose the data of 49 million Instagram users and 419 million Facebook users in 2019 alone, and what’s scarier is that the trend continues to expand.

We are seeing Twitter use the phone number provided for two-factor authentication to target ads, joining a centralised social media world where profit is always more important than user privacy.

As a result, more and more countries and their citizens are saying goodbye to Twitter and Facebook and joining decentralized private social platforms.

2.The rise of decentralized private networking

According to Statista, the number of global monthly users of social media is expected to reach 3.02 billion by 2021, and decentralized media powered by the underlying technology of blockchain is becoming the next big thing in social media.

PPP, a decentralized application platform based on social infrastructure, stands out. It develops a variety of applications on the basis of social, constitutes a unique PPP ecology, and lets us see a new vision of technology changing social life.

PPP is the side chain of the 9M public chain, and it is also a DApp social system deployed on the public chain ecosystem.

9M Public Chain is the world’s largest DEFI ecology jointly initiated by the University of Leipzig from GermanyBell Labs, and 3M Global. It integrates a large number of core algorithms in superconductivity theory and acoustic theory, and creates a new consensus algorithm of PO9M, allowing all players to realize easy profits through 9M nodes.

PPP Mobile Secret Chat is an ecological application of DApp developed by Japan AIFC Co., Ltd., which includes core function modules such as online chat video service for entertainment live broadcast, Bel Canto novel innovation, auction and global escort AI transaction.

PPP close chat using 9 m chain powerful underlying technology, intelligent call global distributed mining machine to store and process data, perfect do the data encryption and data security, exponentially could improve the ability of data processing and data processing speed, greatly reduce the cost of data storage and processing, truly safe, efficient and smart, both to protect the data security, and maintenance of the user’s private, and perfection and good private social experience.

PPP is the world’s first double parallel and chain structure, a support IPFS storage, a high support concurrent transactions, with good security and stability, combined with 5G, blockchain, private cloud, fog, big data and emerging technologies such as mobile Internet to the PPP ecological system, build a faster, more secure, more freedom of the Internet age.

The PPP consensus mechanism adopts the dual mechanism of PoF + DPoS. PoF is the third generation of blockchain consensus mechanism independently designed by PPP, which effectively solves the centralized defect of PoS and the waste of computing power of PoW, and can well enable the implementation of the decentralized application ecology of PPP.

We see that block chain technology is given more control over the privacy, we in the world of centralized overlooking decentralized better world, we should believe that respect for privacy is the consensus of the Internet channel, the value of the Internet is the future of the Internet, is DeFi financial future, and combines the punk spirit faith and value of the PPP will be DeFi future!

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