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Medical Beds


I. Features
1, multi-function: medical treatment bed with multi-function, can be used for diagnosis, treatment, nursing and other purposes, can meet different clinical needs.
2, safety: medical treatment bed with high-strength materials, with good corrosion resistance, safe and reliable, can effectively protect the safety of patients.
3, convenient: medical treatment bed has the characteristics of light, flexible, can be easily moved to meet different clinical needs.

Second, function
1, multi-function: medical treatment bed has a variety of functions, can be used for diagnosis, treatment, nursing, etc., can meet different clinical needs.
2, adjustment: medical treatment bed can adjust the height of the mattress, adjust the angle of the bed plate, so that patients are more comfortable.
3, safety: medical treatment bed is made of high-strength materials, with good corrosion resistance, safe and reliable, can effectively protect the safety of patients.
4, convenient: medical treatment bed has the characteristics of light, flexible, can be easily moved to meet different clinical needs.

Medical bed, is to make use of the human body apparatus or other items, its use on the human body surface does not apply to pharmacological, immunological or metabolic means to obtain the effect, but may have these means involved and play a certain auxiliary role; its use is intended to achieve the following intended purposes: (a) the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, supervision, mitigation of disease; (b) the diagnosis, treatment, supervision, mitigation, compensation for injury or disability.

Shaanxi Boruiya Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional service enterprise integrating design, production and service of scientific and educational/medical furniture. The company is located in Room 1801, Ketai Building, No. 808, Cuihua Road, Qujiang New District, Xi'an City. It has 16 regular employees. Name, with annual sales of nearly 50 million yuan.
As an overall supporting service provider of science and education/medical furniture, its products cover teaching desks and chairs, hall seats, apartment/hotel furniture, reading furniture, medical department furniture, medical functional furniture, office furniture, personalized custom furniture and teaching equipment, stage machinery, The company has always been committed to the overall solution of science and education/medical furniture in many aspects such as venues, event stands, etc., and constantly absorbs the experience and product improvement suggestions of front-line workers and user units, and gradually forms a more practical, more unique design, and more complete functions. , The independent product system with more distinctive features has successively completed the furniture configuration service projects of nearly 100 colleges and universities, educational and scientific research institutions, medical institutions, and cultural system units, of which more than 50% of the products have been independently developed and designed, and Through different project requirements, the entire product system is continuously updated and improved.
In order to serve customers more comprehensively, the company has successively signed strategic cooperation and agency agreements with a number of domestic and foreign high-quality suppliers, and jointly established a special product research and development department with a number of manufacturers to continuously improve technology and develop new products. The quality and practical performance of the products have been continuously improved, and the products have strong market competitiveness and market share.
Through continuous efforts in recent years, the company has been rated as AAA-level credit enterprise, AAA-level quality service integrity unit, AAA-level contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise, Shaanxi Province integrity management demonstration unit, Shaanxi Province green and low-carbon demonstration unit, Shaanxi Province quality The service of double satisfaction units and the continuous acquisition of social honors have promoted the continuous improvement of corporate customer service levels and contract performance guarantee capabilities.
Bo Ruiya cherishes every hard-won opportunity for cooperation, always puts customers' demands in the first place, operates with integrity, is polite and trustworthy, and looks forward to working with you to create a better tomorrow!


Wang Hao



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