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KHC -- Redefining Finance

04-20 Defi speaker

Looking back to 2020, traditional industries have been inflicted heavy losses and the development of global economy has come to a stalemate, even suffered a sharp recession by the pandemic. Therefore, as the representative of a favourable turn, the emergence of DeFi will inevitably become the new star to attract everyone’s attention.

Decentralized Finance, DeFi, enables users to access financial services like debit and credit sides, trading and so on without relying on centralized entities such as banks and stock exchanges.

DeFi is currently the fastest growing area in blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. With the help of blockchain technologies and the concept of decentralization, many problems in the traditional financial industry have been solved by the progress of science and technology dimensionality reduction.

At the same time, as a rapidly growing industry, the development of DeFi will accompanies quite a lot of problems. Technical risks and regulatory issues are the foundation that should be improved.

There is a consensus based on this situation that it needs further technological iterations, a more secure governance solution, and further protection for investors in DeFi area.

In order to seize the best opportunity with greatest investment potential, we conform to the background of present era. Under the intense call and urgent expectation of the market, KHC was born out!

KHC, whose full name is Koho Chain, is a new generation of financial inclusion infrastructure based on blockchain. It will use the Decentalized Finance (DeFi) tool to create a financial inclusion ecosystem which is fair, transparent, can be shared and protecting privacy.

Serving as the first truly perfect public chain to support large-scale commerce, KHC can serve thousands of times more simultaneous users per second than Ethereum. It can support all decentralized financial activities with technological breakthroughs in sharding.

Since the launch of KHC public chain in 2020, it has been recognized and praised by many senior investors in the industry and developed very rapidly. The transaction packaging volume of a single block of KHC public chain, the quantity of on-chain contract calls, and the number of DApp visits have ascended at the forefront of public chain of the blockchain.

In the future, a series of DeFi applications planned by KHC, will enable all eco-builders to carry out financial innovation. By virtue of blockchain technology, KHC will address the natural weaknesses of traditional and centralized finance, such as the unequal financial system, cumbersome review process, lack of transparency and potential transaction risks.

With cutting-edge technology and innovative financial strength, meanwhile, to create one wealth myth after another, KHC will stand on the tide of this era and lead the global fans to define the future of human finance!

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