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Comparison of the advantages of Active RFID tags and passive RFID tags



1. Active RFID tags

Active RFID tags are generally powered by built-in batteries, and different tags use different numbers and shapes of batteries.

Advantages: The distance is long. The distance between Active RFID tags and wireless active rfid reader can generally reach tens of meters or even hundreds of meters.

Active RFID tags

2. Passive RFID tags

Passive RFID tags are generally battery-free, and its power is obtained from a wireless active rfid reader. When the passive RFID tag is close to the wireless active rfid reader, the antenna of the passive RFID tag converts the received electromagnetic wave energy into electrical energy, activates the chip in the RFID tag, and the data in the RFID chip can be sent out.

Advantages: small size, light weight, low cost and long life, can be made into different shapes such as sheets or hanging buckles, and used in different environments.


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