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Bestfair reaches 22,000 monthly active users


Bestfair announced it now reaches 22,000 monthly active users, which is great progress made since its establishment and a promising development trend. It was officially established in 2022 and is committed to becoming a world-renowned cross-border e-commerce platform.

Bestfair e-commerce platform has rich product categories, which meet shopping needs of users in all aspects, covering a total of 30 categories including digital, clothing, home furnishing, accessories, jewelry, watches, shoes and bags, beauty and health, etc. With a low threshold, Bestfair's cross-border store opening mechanism is very friendly, which greatly increases the number of merchants. Moreover, the hosting function also greatly improves business efficiency for new merchants.

Bestfair's logistics system is very efficient. Same city delivery on other e-commerce platforms generally takes 2 days. Buyers usually receive the goods on the evening of the second day or on the third day. Bestfair's logistics make orders delivered next day. This is largely due to its unique managed logistics and hosting shipping system. Also the intensive logistics system greatly saves social resources and reduces costs.

Although Bestfair is still an emerging cross-border e-commerce platform, with the platform's rich products, good merchant opening mechanism, and efficient logistics services, it has a strong faith to develop rapidly and gain a good market share in the e-commerce industry.

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